Friday, April 18, 2008

Meeting a new friend~ C.L.Wilson

Have you ever met someone and felt so instantly comfortable with them, you feel you must have known them in some other place and time? It happened to me this week with C.L. Wilson. She is a debut author with Dorchester (my publisher) who hit the New York Times list with her LORD OF THE FADING LANDS. Cheryl is the most delightful woman--friendly, helpful and totally without ego. Success couldn't have happened to a nicer person. If nothing else has happened here at the Romantic Times Convention, just meeting her was worth the time and expense.

When I first started writing romance, I was amazed by the open-heartedness of the published authors in my writing groups. Even though we are all competing for the same limited number of publishing slots, they were willing to share their best practices and methods with the rest of us. Cheryl epitomizes the best of that generous spirit and I feel blessed to know her. And I hope to get to know her better so I can emulate this remarkable woman in her unselfish attitude toward this business.

Let me urge you, if you haven't already, to go in search of her books, LORD OF THE FADING LANDS and LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOW. I haven't read them yet, but after meeting her, I'm sure they are magnificent.


Unknown said...

:) C.L. Wilson was such a sweetheart. I've read both her books and can't wait for the next two coming out later this year.

You must try her books Emily - You will be hooked. She has a great way of merging both romance and fantasy.

Like you - I used to also read late at night ... that's why my sister and I named my site "Night Owl Romance" - I was a zombie in high school - LOL - It was all that late night reading and I'm sure the side job also.

Thanks for the signed copy of your book Silk Dreams. I'm looking forward to reading it as I have a facination with the Middle East and it's outside the normal "English" historical box.

Right now I'm working on your interview questions - Yay - I've not fogotten - I've just been pulling in a thousand direction this last month.

Andrew and I are planning to move to Texas, We had RT to attend, my dad's estate just came out of probate last week and so much more ... can a girl ever have a break ... nope - nada - never - Life is alway full steam ahead.

EmilyBryan said...

Hey Tammie,

LORD OF THE FADING LANDS is next on my TBR pile and I can't wait. It was lovely to meet you at RT. Nice to put a face with a name.

Sounds like your plate is pretty full, but I'll be happy to answer your questions when I get them. Just did a fun interview for BooksMonthly--a UK website. It was a hoot to have the reviewer describe DISTRACTING THE DUCHESS as a cross between FANNY HILL and a Georgette Heyer Regency. Can't get stranger bedfellows than that.

There's a move in my future as well, so you have my sympathy. Mine is just down the block, though so maybe it won't be so bad. Still knocks a hole in the writing schedule.