Saturday, August 23, 2008

A New Favorite Author

I'm still reading DELICIOUS (perhaps I should say 'devouring' this totally delectable story), but I have to gush about Sherry Thomas' amazing talent.

Her characters are so fully formed, so achingly human. I am in love with them all. The story is luxuriously told, erotic, a feast for the heart and the senses.

Her use of language is exquisite. She doesn't write down to her readers, peppering her prose with words like 'sybaritic' and 'soigne.' But it is her metaphors that make me sigh and despair of calling myself a writer. She describes her hero's boyhood, when he knew the grinding hunger of poverty and how just before his mother left him forever, she used the last of her money to buy him a boiled treat. He said the sweetness of the candy was 'like sucking on God's thumb.'

I put the book down and wept.

As soon as I finish Delicious, I have to find her debut title Private Arrangements. Sherry Thomas is a gift to historical romance. I urge you to buy Delicious today.


Terrie said...

I am getting this book and to read. I read her first book " Private Arrangements" It was very good book.

EmilyBryan said...

I was so blown away by Sherry Thomas' unique voice. She's a very nice person, too. I was able to meet her in San Francisco this summer. Very gracious and humble.