Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wanna meet a Pirate?

When I decided to add a dash of humor to my writing, I found one of the natural places to do that was through my secondary characters. I'd like to introduce you to a fellow in PLEASURING THE PIRATE.
Meet Joseph Meriwether, lately first mate of the pirate vessel, REVENGE. He's a scruffy, squint-eyed mariner with a faded tribal tattoo on one of his sagging cheeks (on his face, I mean!). Meri has a unique outlook on life. Here's a sampling of his take on things.
On progress: "There ain't no more islands left where the girls swim out to the ship wearing nothing but a smile. The whole Spanish Main's gone and got itself civilized."
On children:"Boil the pith out of 'em for an hour or so and they make a right tolerable stew."
On women: "Oh, she's strong-minded and a bit broad of beam. Not that I ever held extra flesh against a woman. But, I've been smelling those pies all morning. She's a goddess in the kitchen, is Mrs. Beadle. A man can overlook quite a bit if there's a cherry pie in the offing."
On watching the heroine, Jacquelyn Wren, attempt to gut his Captain with a smallsword:
"And I was a-feared life as a landsman would be dull!"
Hope you enjoy Joseph Meriwether and all the rest of the crew in PLEASURING THE PIRATE!


photoquest said...

This sounds wonderful! looking forward to finding me a copy to add to my pirate collection!

EmilyBryan said...

Hope you enjoy PLEASURING THE PIRATE! I had a ripping good time writing it.