Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ten Little Pirates . . .

I just posted the 10 finalists for my PIRATE NAME CONTEST on my website. Choosing from the nearly 200 entries was excruciating. I enlisted the help of family and friends, other writers and critique groups to whittle the list down to these choices. In the end, it's a purely subjective call and increased my respect for my editor no end. Bless her heart. She has to do this every day.

I thought you might be interested in what I was thinking when I settled on these entries, so . . .

Arabella Du Bois, The Bell - This one painted a picture for me. I could see this madame of the seas quite clearly, elegant and deadly. She's definitely a lady with a past . . . and maybe a grudge to settle in the future.

Hornswogglin' Holly, Hold onto yer Belongin's - This made me laugh! Can't you see her? The bag-lady of the Caribbean!

Stabber Stella, Neurotic Sea Wench - There's a place for a maniac in every vessel. She's a terror in a melee, but I bet her mates sleep lightly when she's in the next hammock.

Captain Ian Michael Wycked, "I.M. Wycked" - My DH picked this one. He loves puns. Don't tell him I think Ian Michael Wycked sounds sort of sexy, too!

Greenbeard, aka "Old Moldly" - Can we say clever? This entry took a pirate stereotype and gave it such a fun twist.

Captain Iva Gott Scurvey - Any entry that made Diet Coke shoot out my nose had to be included in the finalists. Again, this entry takes a real pirate ailment--scurvey--and made it funny.

Captain Billy Blackjack, Butcher of Barbados - Loved the alliteration. No wonder my book titles are PLEASURING THE PIRATE, DISTRACTING THE DUCHESS and coming March 2009 VEXING THE VISCOUNT!

Iron Balls McCormmick - This conjured an interesting imagel Oh! You meant cannon balls? Sorry. My bad. . .

Captain Sebastian Ashley Bennington - A gentleman-turned-pirate, no doubt. I'm seeing dark, hawkish good looks, a smoky voice, and a wicked hand with a blade. The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Seas.

Captain Greydon Quinn, the Wraith of St. Jude - Definitely a ghost pirate here. Almost like an avenging angel, with his halo slightly askew.

Now the final round of my contest has begun and I'm relieved to say visitors to my website will be the ones who choose the Grand Prize Winner. All voters will also be entered in their own drawing to win a choice from my backlist. Nip over to my website and make your choice today!


Bobbie Crawford-McCoy (Nurture Your BOOKS) said...

Go 'Stabber Stella, Neurotic Sea Wench' !!! :) lol

I love the choices you made Emily and the descriptions are fantastic!

I have to agree with you; all the original entries were really good and I'm glad you left them up on the contest page.

EmilyBryan said...

I didn't expect this contest to be such a challenge for me. I could easily have picked another ten entries that also have good points to commend them. But I was trying to pick a variety of types of names as well. Sort of like an editor filling up a line-up of books. You need something for everyone.

I really do respect my editor more. Subjective decisions are tough, which is why I enlisted so much help. I wouldn't do so well on my own.