Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Beary" Sweet Readers

I have the sweetest readers on the planet! This delightful little pic comes from Down Under and my Aussie friend TeddyRee. Aren't her bears cute? Be sure to pop by her terrific book blog THE ECLECTIC READER

Then from way up north in Canada, my buddy Bobbie couldn't use my "blidget" on her Wordpress blog (I freely confess that I don't understand all I know about Wordpress, which is why I use the more "designed for the techno-challenged" Blogger). But the clever and talented Bobbie of BookReviewsByBobbie suffers from no such debility. She put together this lovely badge on her own initiative to help me get the word out about my new STROKE OF GENIUS Name a Character Contest!

Thanks so much, ladies! I appreciate you and all my friends and readers who are sharing my books and news with their friends. I owe you big time!

And thank you to all who are entering my STROKE OF GENIUS Name a Character Contest. I'm getting some terrific entries, but I still want to see YOURS!


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

What a fantastic Contest; it’s so fun to try to come up with a suitable name for the supporting character…especially with the excerpt! :)

I'm very happy to help spread the word about your upcoming's sure to be as good as your other books have been!!

To all of Emily’s current fans out there and all of the new ones to come; Emily is one of THE most kind-hearted and nicest people that I have ever had the fortune to know! Please enjoy her books and support this lovely author, secure in the knowledge that she makes the world a better, more romantic place to live in...

(((HUGS))) Emily

-Bobbie Crawford-McCoy

P.S. Thank you for mentioning me and my didn't have too, but I still appreciate it. :)

Book Reviews By Bobbie

EmilyBryan said...

Hi Bobbie!

You are such a sweetie! Thanks so much for those kind words.

Glad to return the favor. I love your blog, though I rarely have time to comment.

Have to save something for the WIP, ya know!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

Aww, that's nice of you to say.
Thank you so much! :)

You are most welcome for the kind words...they are from the heart; I really want to properly convey to others just how nice you are and how 'human' and down-to earth you are despite your successes.

I'm sure there will come a time when you can return the favour but for now I'll just take a rain check, okay? :)

LOL I know, I know... ha ha

Have a super day!

Patricia Barraclough said...

What an interesting idea. Enjoyed the excerpt. Promises a good book. Had fun with the idea. The name I submitted is a combination of my son's and his favorite teacher.
Good luck. Look forward to seeing it when it is released.

Teddyree said...

Ditto, I second that Bobbie - all your kind words about Emily. It has been an absolute pleasure and a delight & a hoot at times to read Emily's blog & chat via comments, & she has always gone out of her way to give my blog a little toot! And such a bonus too that she writes really, really good stories!!

You getting all this love, Emily LOL.
Thanks for featuring my little bear family, & I'm so glad you are coming on board for the EB week.
Hugs Sheree

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Teddy!

For those of you who are wondering what in the world EB week is, let me just share that Teddy is hosting me on her blog for an (and my midwestern soul cringes as I type this) EMILY BRYAN WEEK! Bless her heart, she'd going to spotlight all my books and we're going to have some fun with what's coming next June 15th-21st!

So even if you can't afford a vaca this year, join me for a week Down Under with THE ECLECTIC READER. We'll have some fun!

The Book Resort said...

Oh, Teddy is an absolute doll! I love the Teddy reading group.
Can't wait for EB week!

Teddyree said...

No cringing allowed Emily LOL

EB week will be hosted at Royal Reviews

The Eclectic Reader is my book blog, we thought we'd go one better and put you up in Royal accomodations.
I'll email again with the week's format, don't want you getting lost & missing your holiday LOL

Miss K said...

I can't wafor EB week! Such a cute reading group Teddyree...

EmilyBryan said...

Royal accommodations, huh? I've never been to Australia, so what are we talking here?

Jacuzzi tub? Veranda overlooking the Great Barrier Reef? How about a koala in the gum tree of my private garden?