Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Christie Craig's Gotcha!

One of the richest blessings of becoming an author has been getting to know other authors. They are the wackiest, most brilliant, and most talented people I've ever met. And the most caring.

When I was diagnosed with colon cancer last year, I received tons of support from the writing community. They sent emails, calls of encouragement and my sweet Eastside RWA buddies even sent flowers (love you gals!).

But Christie Craig went one better. She sent me one of her books.

To be fair, she warned me. But I took DIVORCED, DESPERATE & DELICIOUS to the hospital with me anyway. And nearly split my stiches!

This girl is seriously funny. Now Christie has a new book out called GOTCHA and she's still in a giving mood.

Today, June 2nd, at Killer Fiction Christie Craig will be giving away a signed copy of GOTCHA! along with a Christie Craig notebook and a pen. Plus, she's guest blogging over at Writing Playground as well as WickedAuthors and she'll be giving away the same prizes over there.

So pop over and visit and get ready to laughs. And . . . that’s right, there’s more. On June 8th she'll be at the Book Addict at PopSyndicate with a funny post, and offering prizes as well. Then to win a basket of books and goodies, pop over to Dorchester Publishing and click onto the special feature section to get info on that contest.

I promise you'll love Christie Craig's GOTCHA. But if you're having abdominal surgery consider yourself warned!


Unknown said...

I'm so happy to hear your feeling better. Thanks for the heads up about Christie Graig's Gotcha.

I'm always looking for undiscovered(by me) talents. Plus, I need something that will split my sides.
All the best,

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Christine!

I'm sure you'll enjoy GOTCHA.

penney said...

Sounds great Emily I'm looking forward to reading it.

penney said...

I'm happy you are better too.

Judith said...

Christie is awesome. I met her in Orlando and she is a terrific lady (and her books are hilarious).

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Penney.

Vicarious--Christie Craig is also a very talented photographer. You'll recognize her at RWA Nationals by her signature little bucket hat and huge camera dangling around her neck!