Thursday, October 29, 2009

Odds & Ends Friday

It's been a busy week!

First thing I'd like to share is this totally fabulous review of A CHRISTMAS BALL from the very prestigious Library Journal!

"Although the title of this anthology sounds terribly traditional, this diverse trio is anything but. From Emily Bryan's "My Lady Below Stairs," the story of a bastard servant girl called in to impersonate her missing aristocratic half-sister with results worthy of Shakespeare, to Ashley's "The Longest Night," in which a shapeshifting nobleman attempts to win the heart of the wary woman he loves while on the trail of a spy, to Alissa Johnson's "Traditions," the tale of an earl who sets out to woo one woman and falls for her intriguing companion instead, these light, entertaining romps are not typical holiday fare.

VERDICT A unique anthology of Regency holiday novellas that are risqué and diverting, making for an intriguingly off-beat addition to the seasonal slate."

"Worthy of Shakespeare?" Moi? (Actually I was shooting for Oscar Wilde, but I'll take it!) I'm thrilled to share that A CHRISTMAS BALL keeps inching up the Bookscan top sellers list. Thank you sooooo much to all of you who've made that happen!

Next, I want to share my new Dutch cover for PLEASURING THE PIRATE, better known in the Netherlands as Alleen jij, mijn schat. It's available from CandlelightRomans. Nynke (my Dutch reader and regular commenter here) says the Dutch title actually can be translated as 'Only You, My Treasure,' which is a nice pun for a pirate hero.

VEXING THE VISCOUNT won't be far behind. (Nynke, how do I say thank you in Dutch?)

Friday Freebie! As you know if you follow my blog, I did a day on pirated e-books and the detrimental effect they have on author's careers and ultimately readers' choices in what's available. (For my trouble, I was targeted by a determined pirate and all my books were splashed over multiple sites. I did manage to get most of them removed, but not before several hundred illegal downloads had taken place.) I've concluded that nothing can stop someone who's determined to steal. Until technology provides a solution, an author's only hope is in the innate decency and honesty of readers.

But that doesn't mean there aren't free LEGAL downloads of books out there for you. Booklorn lists a number of them. These are downloads made available by the publishers and authors so they are absolutely cool to use and enjoy. (I'm hoping to make one of my titles available this way next year. Cross your fingers for me!)

And lastly, I'd like to invite you to join me at The Chatelaines today. It's my regular posting day on that group blog and, in honor of Halloween, I'm sharing my real life GHOST STORY! See you there, if you dare!

PS. Enter my MERRY CHRISTMAS BALL CONTEST if you haven't already! The drawing for the $100 B&N gift card will be held on December 1st!

From this post, you can probably guess my biggest frustration this week, but my delights far outweighed it. Hope your scales tipped that way too. Care to share?


Jane L said...

Hello Emily! Well since last week was so horrible for me, a breast cancer scare, my mother passsed away and I came down bedridden with the flu for five days, I decided this week could ONLY get better! Right?
It has and I am so excited about things coming up, NaNo writing contest, in November I entered finally! I am finally feeling like a human again without a cough and yes fall is here in Minnesota full force bringing a new season with new beginnings! THANK GOODNESS!
I am so sorry to hear about your pirating trouble Emily , it is a shame others ruin it for the honest people and have to be so greedy and unethical! If you were not so wonderful they wouldnt want you !LOL!! Speeking of wanting you.... A call out has been issued on the Beginners Writing board of Judi McCoys, seems there are a few students who are hoping you will be a guest in her beg. class at RT! Judi said she was waiting to see who would be attending and seemed very happy to have you aboard, just thought I let you know your loved everywhere!

EmilyBryan said...

Jane, I'm so sorry about your mother. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Glad the scare was just that. I'm going for my mammogram this afternoon (all right, everybody, don't make me nag you about getting yours!)

I would LOVE to work with Judy's group at RT. I'll be back for Bobbie's advanced track, but I'd also love to get my hands on some newbies and help them save themselves some time and frustration as they learn about writing. I need to contact Judy about it.

Thanks, Jane. I love you all, too!

Patricia Barraclough said...

Sorry the bad pirates hit you. Unfortunately, you make yourself a target when you speak out.
And, congratulations on the dutch, good pirate. Like the cover and the title translation.
I'll see you on the Chatelaines.

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Pat.

As a musician, I know the copyright laws for sheet music carry serious teeth--$10K fine per infraction. I have no idea why that same aggressive enforcement isn't directed toward electronic pirates who infringe on copyrights. Just a few high profile judgements would take the wind from their sails.

Nynke said...

Hi Emily, 'thank you' is 'dank je wel' in Dutch - pronounced something like 'donk yuh well'. And 'you're welcome' is 'graag gedaan'! :)
By the way, I've been meaning to tell you that I've got A Christmas Ball on my reading pile, and as Christmas draws closer, I'm looking forward to reading it more and more :). And I really love the look and especially the feel of the cover, with those nice 3D letters!
In cancer-screening-related issues, after turning 30 recently, I've been in for my first smear test this week - it was interesting but OK, performed very swiftly by a nice lady. Now I just need to make a habit of self-screening my breasts, and I'll be a very good girl... It's good to have you as a reminder of these things, Emily.

Jane, I only know you from the comments, but you have my sympathies on your mom passing away! I hope she had a good life before she did and I wish you and your family strength.


EmilyBryan said...

Nynke--Dank ye wel! I love what Dorchester did with the cover of A Christmas Ball too. The double embossing gives it such a rich look.

Glad you're looking out for your health, even though you're such a youngster!

One of the fun things about having this blog is the way we've all been able to connect and forge cyber-friendships. I'm glad you and Jane "know" each other and really glad I know both of you!