Monday, December 8, 2008

The Joys of Cyber-Space

It allows me to be in two places at once today. First PLEASURING THE PIRATE is being featured on this week. If you haven't signed up for this free, fun service, I urge you to try it out. Each week you'll received snippets from a new book, enough to know if you'd like to read more and a chance to visit with the author on their forum. I'll be here to answer questions today and tomorrow. I don't expect I'll have internet access in the hospital the rest of the week, so if you'd like to comment today or Tuesday, that would be grand!

Also, if you'd like a chance to find a Pirate in your stocking, visit today, Dec 8th. I'll be giving away a copy of PLEASURING THE PIRATE to one lucky commenter. So come on over and join the fun!

Have a great day!
Diana (Emily)

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