Thursday, August 13, 2009

Waiting for the Prize Patrol . . .

What would you do if the Prize Patrol rolled up to your house today and made you an instant millionaire? Com' on, I can't be the only one who's thought about it!

After they revived me (I have a history of fainting spells!) and I finally believed it was real, I'd start a mini-spending spree. First, we'd pay off the mortgage. Whew! That's a load off.

Then, we'd give a cash gift to my DH's siblings (he has 7!) and my sisters (3). We'd set aside a goodly chunk for each of our kids in a trust. And a gift to our church. Then I'd take my parents to Hawaii, after the DH and I returned from a World Cruise. (And with my winnings, we'd be able to travel in a deluxe balcony suite instead of the interior broom closet we might have to settle for otherwise!)

But the sweetest thing about instant riches is that I'd be able to retire my DH early and we could spend our days playing together however we liked. Of course, I'd still want to write and he'd have to pick up a hobby or two (A man with a private pilot's license and a good seat on a horse should have no problem figuring that out.) He's made it possible for me to chase my dream right now by allowing me to write full-time. I'd love to be able to return the favor and give him the opportunity to follow his.

Ah yes, la dolce vita!

But, my practical side raises its pointy little head, what if the prize patrol doesn't come?

Well, the goals are still out there. I'd just have to figure a different way to reach them. We're whacking away at the mortgage every month. We give our siblings the gift of our love and support. Our kids are both working and that's a valuable thing. Too much given to us can take away our will to do for ourselves. We already give to our church. We might have to put off the trip to Hawaii with my parents, but we did take them to Disney World ten years ago after Mom finished her chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer (she's still doing great!). And as for the World Cruise, there's always the broom closet option. . . Hey! Circumnavigation is still once around the globe however you manage it!

That leaves retiring my DH early . . .

Short of my books hitting the NYTimes list multiple times, I'm drawing a blank. But, the point of retiring him early is spending more time with him. So, I can do that now. It means turning off the computer in the evenings, planning fun things to do together on weekends and giving him more of my attention when he is home.

So if the Prize Patrol doesn't come roaring by today, I'll still be ok. There are ways to work on making my dreams happen that aren't dependent on a windfall. But, just in case, I'd better go freshen up my lipstick . . .

Ok, it's your turn. What guilty pleasure would you indulge if the Prize Patrol came to your house?


Heather D said...

Good morning,

First and foremost would be hiring somebody else to repaint the interior of my house... I really don't want to get back up on that latter again!!! Then we would pay off the mortgage and cars. College funds for both kids, Of course if DH wants to retire, which I already know he doesn't, we will let him. Maybe an extended vacation. Gift to church. Other than that I think we would go about our daily lives much the same way.

I think I would want a library built on to the back of my house.

Cheeky Girl said...

Great question!

I'm with you on the world cruise - we have already picked out the one we want to take if we ever got the opportunity.

I would give quite a big chunck to my husband to invest. He's always wanted to start his own fund (currently he's the director of trading at a small hedge fund) and I know he's great at what he does. He would love that more than retiring.

Then, I would want to stay home to write - or - open my own little store to sit and write in everyday while I hang out.

I think we would buy a country house (cottage) with land in Ireland for when we want to retire.

EmilyBryan said...

Heather, oh yes! A whole room devoted to books! That's a guilty pleasure I can get behind 100%!

EmilyBryan said...

Cheeky, I'm leaning toward Holland America for the cruise. What's your pick?

Doesn't a cottage in Ireland sound lovely?

Penny Watson said...

Great question! My dream could come true...I would buy a little cottage in Vermont and live in peace and harmony and tranquility. No TV. Just some frogs croaking in the background. I'll bet I could get a lot of books written in that scenario.

EmilyBryan said...

Penny, that sounds lovely. And no TV is a good thing.

I still remember the summer I carted ours off to the garage and the kids and I gardened and read together and went for long walks.

But we had to bring the TV back into the house when football season started. My DH goes along with my wild hairs (I even managed to get him to eat tofu once!), but he put his foot down once the grid-iron action started.

Mari said...

retire to Hawaii!

EmilyBryan said...

I'm with you, Mari. If not retiring there, I'd at least like the opportunity to see if I could get "island fever."

There is a fabulous wild surf beach near the village of Hana on Maui. I go to Hana in my mind almost every day.

Patricia Barraclough said...

Our plans aren't too different. Pay off our mortgage and those of our children. Set up trust funds for the children and grandchildren. I'd love to take my Dad to Ireland, but I'm afraid his health might not allow it. But with enough money, it might be possible to get him over there, oxygen tanks and all. We are close to retirement and would take it. My DH already has a few hobbies and could finally really explore them. He might even be able to play more golf. As for me, I'd travel, travel, travel. Elderhostel here I come. Luckily, my DH and I have the same love for travel and learning.
There are a few humanitarian projects we'd like to get involved in. We would be able to provide some financing as well as work on them.
Being to have small homes in different regions we love would be nice.

EmilyBryan said...

Patricia, we do sound like kindred spirits. I love to travel. It fascinates me to see how other people live and how they view the world.

I don't know if having multiple homes is my dream, though. I really like room service. ;)

Kytaira said...

We'd pay of the mortage. Give some money to our siblings (2 each). We'd have to be fair though because my brother in law would try and take advantage. We'd also give money to our parents - if they'd take it. We'd set aside a fair amount for our kids and our nieces and nephew. We'd probably give some money to a couple of friends that could use a boost. Probably buy a new fishing boat and a new house. Nothing to big though. Invest. Donate to medical research. Oh - In my modest house I'd have a housekeeper.

EmilyBryan said...

Kytaira--A housekeeper, yes! That's an idea whose time has come!