Friday, September 11, 2009

I Just Can't Wait!

I hope you're ready. It's time to strap on your blog tourista shoes and join me in another trek through cyber-space.

That's right! The 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS Blog Tour starts on Monday! We'll be talking about A CHRISTMAS BALL, giving you the inside scoop and backstory for this holiday anthology, and at the risk of rushing the season, sharing some Christmas fun along the way.

And if you don't know my co-authors, USA Today BestSeller Jennifer Ashley and Alissa Johnson, here's your chance to meet some new favorites! Every day there will be prizes and give-aways, so be sure to leave a comment.

Here's your itinerary:

September 14th ~ RomanceBuyTheBook
September 15th ~ Love is an Exploding Cigar
September 16th ~ Yankee Romance Reviewers
September 17th ~ Romance Junkies
September 18th ~ The Romance Studio

Then you get a weekend off to change your socks!

September 21st ~ Fresh Fiction
September 22nd ~ Pillow Talk
September 23rd ~ The Eclectic Reader
September 24th ~ Pop Syndicate
September 25th ~ Romantic Crush Junkies

Another weekend to catch your breath!

September 28th ~ Book Reviews by Bobbie
September 29th ~ NightOwl Romance & A CHRISTMAS BALL's RELEASE DAY!

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Then as a bonus, I'll be at Penelope's Romance Reviews on September 30th, a sort of cool down day after the tour. I hope you'll join me. And speaking of Penelope, she just posted an early review of A CHRISTMAS BALL. Here's a taste:

"It is extremely difficult to write a novella. Bryan totally nails it. This story has all the things I love about her longer's beautifully written, has lusty love scenes, wonderful humor, and a very satisfying ending.

This story is truly like an unexpected Christmas gift...I opened the package having no expectations, and I found a real treasure. Thank you, Emily, for this sweet Christmas story."

You can read the whole review at Penelope's Romance Reviews.

Hope to see you along the way!

P.S. Thank you so much to everyone who emailed me to say they'd be willing to post my Save the Date A CHRISTMAS BALL badge on their blog! I appreciate you so much. If you meant to do it, there is still time. Please email me at with your request and I'll shoot you the code for the invitation. The more the merrier! Thanks so much!


Nynke said...

Wow, I love the sparkly banner! It's just so... sparkly :). And I'm looking forward to your new blog tour, even though I'm mucht busier now than last winter, so I might not be quite as religious a follower this time round... but still :).

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Nynke. I'm glad you're busy, but will miss you on the tour. Hopefully, we'll see you sometime! In deference to everyone's busy schedules, I'm going to try to limit the original posts to 300-400 words. If the blog owner wants to do an interview, of course, all bets are off.

I have to say the thing the made the 50 day tour for me was getting to know you and the other "touristas." ;)

Patricia Barraclough said...

Sorry I have no place to post the invitation. I'm really looking forward to the release. Anthologies centered around a single event or place are a favorite. Good stories written in different styles but linked together. It will be an early Christmas present.

EmilyBryan said...

I hope lots of readers feel that way, Patricia. There really is something for everyone in this anthology. Jennifer Ashley's story has a shape-shifting hero. Alissa Johnson's hero is a thoroughly buttoned-down earl and my hero and heroine are salt-of-the-earth types in a "fish out of water" scenario.

Carol L. said...

Hi Emily,
Looking forward to the blog tour and any ad all info on the anthology "A Christmas Ball." I wish I had somewhere to post the invitation.
Here's to another great read Emily. :)
Carol L.

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Carol! I appreciate that you'd like to hang up the invite! I know you already share my books with your friends and that means so much.