Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gerard Butler Grammar Quiz

Credit for today's post goes to the hysterically talented Kristan Higgins. You may have hated grammar in school, but I promise you'll think differently after this!

The following articles first appeared in Connections, Connecticut RWA's monthly newsletter.

Gerard Butler Grammar Quiz: I vs. Me

Oh, stop! You love grammar! You just don't know it yet. Take my little quiz and
see how much fun you have.

A) That's a great picture of Gerard Butler and I.

B) That's a great picture of Gerard Butler and me.

C) It meant a lot to Gerard and I that you burned those porno shots of the two
of us.

Only B is correct. An easy way to get the proper answer here is if you just
deleted Gerard Butler (which of course I'd never do), you'd say "me." That's a
great picture of me. Same if Gerard's in the picture (and we hope he still
is).and therefore we have B.

A) Me and Gerard are getting married in June.

B) I and Gerard are getting married in June.

C) Gerard and I are getting married in June, and we plan to have a long and
exhausting honeymoon.

The grammatically correct sentence is C. For the record, the first person
pronoun (I or me) always comes second. It's just polite, like serving the guest
first. And again, if you'd say I (as in I'm getting married), you'd say Gerard
and I. Not Me and Gerard. Because he won't marry you if sound like a dope.

Gerard Butler Grammar Quiz: Affect vs. Effect
Which of the following is correct?

A) The affect that Gerard Butler has on women and gay men is undeniable.

B) I was deeply effected by the way Gerard tore off his shirt.

C) The effect of Gerard's kiss was that I slipped him some Rohypnol and
dragged him off to Vegas for a quicky wedding.

The answer is, of course, C. Effect is a noun, as in "cause and effect." Affect
is a verb. Gerard's smoky blue eyes affect us chicks. The effect of those eyes
is devastating. True! So true!

Gerard Butler Grammar Quiz: Its vs. It's

Which of these is correct?

A) Its so nice to have Gerard take his shirt off in a movie.

B) It's even better if he wears a kilt.

C) The movie, its actors and script were pointless, at least until Gerard Butler
had that love scene. was a trick question. B and C are both correct. When one uses an
apostrophe, it's to indicate that a letter is missing or to designate possession
(Kristan, Gerard's wife) In the case of "it's" the missing letter is the "I" in
"is." "Its" (no apostrophe) indicates ownership.

The kilt, its fasteners having melted in my laser-hot stare, fell to the floor.
"It's getting steamy in here," I murmured.

"'Tis," Gerard breathed.

Note the apostrophe in front of "'tis"-because I deleted the letter "I" from the
implied word "It."

Thanks, Gerard! You're the best, baby!

Kristan Higgins is the RITA©-award winning author of six romantic comedies and a devout Gerard Butler afficianado. Her latest book, All I Ever Wanted, received four and a half stars from Romantic Times.

Emily here again. Never knew grammar could be so much fun, did you?

Ok, if Gerard Butler doesn't help you remember these little rules, which hunky male would you substitute?


Gillian Layne said...

What a great way to start my morning! ;)

Renee Vincent said...

I loved this!!! The grammar lesson was a lot of fun, but GB made it so much better! Grand choice....and to answer your question, NO, no one else would do! GB is simply PERFECT! (In my opinion)

Deb said...

Gerard can correct my grammar any day, hehehe.

EmilyBryan said...

Gillian--Nothing like a little eye candy with your cup of coffee!

EmilyBryan said...

Renee--Don't be too hasty. There are plenty of hotties in the world. What about Clive Owen? Colin Firth? Hugh Jackman? Daniel Craig--somebody stop me!

(Of course, I always tell my DH he has nothing to worry about! They're just pretty boys on flat screens. He's the real deal.)

EmilyBryan said...

Deb--I think one of GB's most attractive qualities is his accent. Grammar would be a lot more fun if the prof sounded like him.

Renee Vincent said...

Emily: Yes those you listed are all fine...but GB is the finest. You can't argue with me darlin...I'll never budge. haha

And yes, my DH knows of my obsession with GB...he's ok with it cause the man lives no where near me. (Unfortunately) hahah

Nynke said...

Hahaha! This is great. As a linguist, I already loved grammar a lot, but it's seldom made me laugh more :D. But I still feel sorry for anyone who has trouble distinguishing 'its' from ''-'s because it's such a silly exception to the rule!

And Emily, as ever, your taste in men is impeccable. You've named all my favourite gorgeous actors!

EmilyBryan said...

Renee--I will confess the first time I saw GB in one of the Laura Croft movies, it was a five alarm fire moment. My word, the man's hot!

But just because a star shines brightly, that's no reason to throw rocks at the others. There's room for all of them in my private pantheon.

EmilyBryan said...

Nynke--I thought you'd enjoy this. (Sorry about the Netherlands in the World Cup,BTW)

Oh, and how about Ralph Fiennes? The man's not classically handsome, but he's got a smoldering sensuality that's incredibly watchable. Loved THE ENGLISH PATIENT.

Renee Vincent said...

Emily: I'm with ye, dear...I enjoy the others too. Don't be mislead. There are a few that catch my wandering eye. But GB has my heart.

(well, my fantasy DH of course has the real one.)

Gabriella Edwards said...

There is no way I can ignore a post about my obsession for at least the last 5 years, Gerard Butler.

Emily, you are brilliant to spice up a grammar quiz with the luciously lickable GB! I should try this at the day job. Visual aids are essential to learning! That's the story I'll stick to.

Hmm, I'll think about this some more. But it's just brilliant!

librarypat said...

Great fun, Emily. It's been a long time since I had grammar lessons and I'm glad I remembered as much as I did. If teachers in High School substituted Edward or Jacob, or Bella for Gerard, maybe teens would remember more. I've always felt the sentences they use for examples are boring. Think how much kids would learn if we made things more fun and relevant.

Thank you for passing along Kristin Higgins' quiz. A nice way to start the evening.

Phyllis Campbell said...

Ohhhh...I loooove Gerard Butler!!! Very good blog. There was a grammar quiz? Really? hahaha


Barbara Monajem said...

Heh. Thanks, Emily. Nice bedtime reading.

Unknown said...

Gerard gives me grammargasms.

Is that correct? *g*

Glynis Peters said...

Sorry was there a lesson to go with that photograph? ;0

EmilyBryan said...

Gabriella--I'm not the brilliant one. This is Kristan Higgins' post from her home RWA chapter's newsletter. I just thought it was brilliant enough I needed to share it with you.

EmilyBryan said...

Good idea, Pat. Robert Pattinson would work for teenage girls at least!

EmilyBryan said...

Phyllis--As always, my blog is a smorgasbord. Take what you like and leave the rest!

EmilyBryan said...

Sweet dreams, Barb!

EmilyBryan said...

Grammargasms? You're too funny, Saranna.

EmilyBryan said...

Glynis--And this was one of the more tame pics out there of GB.