Friday, July 16, 2010

Hero Casting Call

When I guest blog for a new book, I'm often asked who I'd cast as my hero if my story was made into a movie. Here's a peek into my private casting call.

Trevelyn Deveridge in DISTRACTING THE DUCHESS is clever, sophisticated, and dangerous when he needs to be. Sexy as the devil, this Queen's secret service agent whistles Rule Britania as he peels off his clothes to become my heroine's nude model.

He's Pierce Brosnan in a cravat.

The knee jerk choice for my PLEASURING THE PIRATE hero might have been Johnny Depp, but frankly his Jack Sparrow nances about a bit too much to be Gabriel Drake. My prodigal pirate needed to have more of the seriously bad "bad boy" about him if I was going to make his reformation mean something.

He's Russell Crowe in a tricorne hat.

For VEXING THE VISCOUNT, I needed a man with innate sweetness for my virgin hero Lucian Ignacio de Castenello Beaumont. This treasure hunter may have "pockets to let," but his heart is rich and he's ever so eager to learn about love. Lucian's love scenes with the heroine may be exercises in the blind leading the blind, but they have plenty of sexy fun wandering the dark together.

He's Colin Firth in a frock coat and knee britches.

Ian Michael MacGregor in My Lady Below Stairs (A CHRISTMAS BALL) isn't a titled lord. He's the head groom who's in love with the scullery maid. It made sense to to choose a burly unknown as my model for this muscle-bound "man-of-all-work."

Earnest, devoted and determined not to lose his lady love, I may not know this model's name, but I know Ian Michael's heart.

I really need two pictures for Crispin Hawke, the brilliant artist in STROKE OF GENIUS. One for his gorgeous exterior and one for his irritating, insufferable interior. I already had a mental image of Crispin's dangerous male beauty when I ran across this suffering artist at the 2009 RT Convention. It was so close to the hero in my head, I had to have the picture.

But once Crispin opens his mouth, it's hard not to recognize him as the Regency's answer to Hugh Laurie's HOUSE. Crispin isn't addicted to opiates and he isn't as self-destructive as HOUSE, but his "I-dare-you-to-care-about-me" demeanor makes him one of the most complicated heroes I've ever written.


My debut Mia Marlowe title will be coming out next May. Some of you will remember the name for my hero from my Pirate Name Contest a few years ago. Lisa Mancini-Verges, the reader who submitted it, has given me permission to use the name and I'm thrilled to report that Greydon Quinn will come to life in TOUCH OF A THIEF. A disgraced British officer, Quinn is single-minded, committed to justice for his friends and a master of the Kama Sutra.

Of course, the fact that Quinn looks remarkably like Clive Owen doesn't hurt a bit either.

And that brings us to my current work in progress which I'm not at liberty to say much about yet.

Except that my hero strongly resembles Matthew McConaughey.

Ok, now it's your turn to play casting director. Take a look at the book on your nightstand. Please share the title, author and who you imagine as the hero!


Kirsten said...

I love how you cast your heroes. I do the same thing. Thank you for sharing your process with the rest of us aspiring authors. It makes our WIPs a little easier to work through. Can't wait to read Stroke of Genius! :)

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Kirsten. Stroke of Genius should be in your local bookstore now.

So who's the hero in you WIP?

JennJ said...

Awesome post love reading about your casting of your heroes! Can't wait to get Stroke of Genius too! :)

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, JennJ. Hope you love Crispin Hawke.

Nynke said...

What can I say... I don't usually visualize specific celebrities as my heroes, but I do like your pick. And I'll do everything I can to visualize Clive Owen in Touch of a Thief (pity he's already picked up blond hair an a moustache during his appearance in the online excerpt, though!).

EmilyBryan said...

Nynke--When I write blond heroes, they are always dark blonds (with the exception of Jorand in Erinsong--He looked like a burly version of Legolas!)

I actually don't cast celebs before I write the story. This is in response to a question I often get when I guest blog and rarely have an answer for. But since so many interviewers ask the question, I thought I'd better come up with some hunky possibilities.

Nynke said...

Ah, good thing that moustached Quinn is dark blond in my mind, then ;).
And thanks for clearing up my misunderstanding!

EmilyBryan said...

I know everyone has preferences and mine is for dark haired men--something my dark-haired DH is happy about.

However, I try to vary my heroes so my readers have some options. The only hero I'll never write is a red-haired man (I was once stalked by one, so it's simply a personal "ick" factor). I know Jamie Fraser is red haired, but I try to gloss over that fact when I read Outlander and imagine him as more russet/brown.