Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bjorn Again!

News Flash!!! I just heard that my Diana Groe book MAIDENSONG is getting a huge boost from Michelle Buonfiglio of Romance Buy the Book at
Barnes and Noble Bookclub.

Michelle has done a delightful piece on viking heroes and really stroked my books in particular, so if you've read any of my Diana Groe books, or just want to be my new BFF, please pop over and leave a comment! Thanks sooooo much!


Heather D said...

Wow you are really getting around this month!! I am definitely going to be checking out your Diana Groe books. I have always been a big Viking fan. My first Viking novel was by Johanna Lindsey. I can't remember which one it was, I read all of them back to back.

Bjorn did say some great stuff about you and your books! Congrats!

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Heather! I've always loved vikings too. Fascinating lore and a really unique culture (yes, it is possible for guys who make their living pillaging to have culture!)

Adele Dubois said...

I've never read a Viking romance, but yours sounds interesting. Best of luck!

Adele Dubois

EmilyBryan said...

IMHO, Vikings make terrific heroes (and it's not just because my DH is Norwegian! Well, maybe a little . . .)

They were taller and stronger than the average males of the 9th century. They were completely fearless. They pushed the boundaries of the known world in their dragonships, which were the technological marvels of the age.

Yes, they did some pretty bad things and Europeans didn't pray, "Deliver us, O Lord, from the fury of the Northmen" each Sunday for nothing. But they also had a rich mythological system that rivals the Greco-Romans, a written language and an enduring storytelling tradition.

They were the last European group to convert to Christianity and when they did in Iceland, it was with a civilized vote by the Althing (probably the earliest democratic parliament in history) in the year 1000.

And hey! These bad boys are the same guys who gave us the Nobel Peace Prize. Just goes to show what the love of a good woman (and the ability to freely vote!) can do!

Nynke said...
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Nynke said...

Heheh, Bjorn again - I always love a good pun :)
I'll pop over to that blog rightaway! 'cause I *know* your Viking romances are great :)

librarypat said...

What a great boost for your books. The covers really are lovely. Have read a few romances with viking characters or setting. It gives an added dimension to the more "civilized" fare out there. I look forward to reading your books.