Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Historical Romance is Hot

My 50day/50blog VEXING THE VISCOUNT Tour moves to Cheryl's Book Nook today. I'm talking about why I love historical romance. Come share your favorites and maybe we'll get a little rumble going if some of you prefer another subgenre. I'm giving away a VEXING THE VISCOUNT to someone who leaves a comment or question.



Donna Caubarreaux said...

You have to love historical romance. I'm watching the latest Survivor on tv, and in order to find immunity the oldest lady has to go 'ten paces.' She doesn't have a clue.

If she read more historical romance, she would know! LOL

My favorite historical romance is "The Lady's Companion" by Carla Kelly.

EmilyBryan said...

Hi Donna,

You're right. You can certainly learn things from a historical romance. I call it "women's history"--little tidbits about how people actually led their lives in another time & place.

I'm delighted you commented, but I hope I wasn't unclear. To be entered for the copy of VEXING THE VISCOUNT, your comment needs to be on the site where I'm guestblogging. I'll make sure to emphasize that in the future.