Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Perils and Pleasures of Cyber-Promotion

The number one reason readers buy a new book is because they are familiar with the author’s work, have enjoyed them before and can reasonably expect that their hard earned money will not be wasted.

The second reason readers buy a book is because a friend recommends it. Ok. Word of “mouse” moves at the speed of cyberspace. And the recommendation of a trusted book blogger is very like a recommendation from a friend. So I decided to embark on a 50day/50blog VEXING THE VISCOUNT tour leading up to the date of its release (February 24th!).

Anysia at Booklorn has already set up the rules for my giveaway today and posted a review (Thank you!). Visit Booklorn to enter!

PS. If you’d like to read an excerpt from VEXING THE VISCOUNT, please visit . My goal is always to give my reader a giggle with the first line!



Anonymous said...

The number of links you were putting in your replies were triggering spam moderation. I could have done that earlier if you had brought the problem to my attention (I cleared the spam queue last night before I went to bed).

Links are one of the easiest ways to trigger spam filters and not just on my blog.

EmilyBryan said...

I figured with the multiple postings, I'd already caused you enough trouble, Anysia.

Thanks for your patience with me.