Monday, February 16, 2009


Ok, that's just my little "rage against the machine." I've been trying for the last 30 minutes to answer some comments on my blogtour over at Booklorn (my Feb 15th stop). Each time I type in the responses and hit the submit button, my words vanish into the blackhole of some cyber-midden heap. So I give up. I'll post my answers on my own blog and hope my "touristas" will find the answers here.

Jane L--Thanks soooo much for sharing my books with your writing "groupies." Can't wait to meet you in Orlando. I'm also doing an online class in April. Check my Events page for details.

Sue--I appreciate those kind words about my blogtour. The highlight for me has been making new friends, like you and the rest of my "touristas."

Julie--Having the blogtour to look forward to was a blessing during the uncertainty of my cancer diagnosis and surgery. It was a dollop of reality in a surreal time. But I'm feeling so much better now. In fact, yesterday I presented my MEAT ON THE BONES Workshop for NECRWA. Between the adrenaline and the ibuprophen, I felt great!

Nynke--I will probably do another blog tour in the future, but I might not go for 50 days. Since my next release after VEXING THE VISCOUNT is a Christmas anthology, 12 days sounds about right! :)

And the Blog Goes On . . .

Happy Presidents Day! While you're enjoying a day off, I hope you'll stop by Sandra Cox's Blog. Sandra tells me we'll be posting this evening, so come on over, let me pour you a cup of decaf and we'll have a fashionably late chat. She's posting a new, never-before-seen excerpt from VEXING THE VISCOUNT . I like to call this scene Georgian Girl Talk! Here's your chance to listen in on a conversation between our heroine Daisy and her Great Aunt, the retired courtesan Isabella.



Anonymous said...

(Sorry, meant to reply to this post but I find *your* blog confusing):

The number of links you were putting in your replies were triggering spam moderation. I could have rescued them earlier if you had brought the problem to my attention (I cleared the spam queue last night before I went to bed).

Links are one of the easiest ways to trigger spam filters and not just on my blog.

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks for explaining it to me, Anysia. As you know, I'm not called the Anti-techno Queen for nothing. It seems just when I learn a new skill (like adding links) the rules of cyberspace smack me down.

Whatever limited skills I have online I've acquired by trial and error. Is there someplace to learn this stuff so I don't keep banging my head against the keyboard?