Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Have you had your sex talk?

That's right. Today at Book Reviews by Bobbie, we're talking about S-E-X! In fiction, of course! I'm sharing my literary "first time."

Come on over and leave a comment or question for a chance to win a VEXING THE VISCOUNT!

PS. Today I'm giving you a "two-fer!" I'll also be on Rowena Cherry's Crazy Tuesday from 10AM to noon EST. I'll be joined by Rowena of course, along with Sara Taney Humphreys, Lillian Cauldwell, Kellyann Zuzulo, Brenna Lyons and Mark Terrence Chapman. And we're talking about heroes! Everybody needs one.


PPS. 2PM Update If you visit Rowena Cherry's Crazy Tuesday you can listen to a recording of our radio broadcast. I read an excerpt from VEXING THE VISCOUNT and you'll learn some fascinating things about the other authors who were with me on the program. A very creative bunch!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to have the privilege to host you as a Guest Author today, Emily.
Your topic for the day is really entertaining and informative. Having read an advance copy of ‘Vexing the Viscount’ (a review will be up within the next week or so), I know just how successfully and beautifully you write about Literary First Times in your upcoming novel.
Simply fantastic!! :-)


Book Reviews By Bobbie

Rowena Cherry said...


Your blog was really interesting... and you've done fifty!!! All this good, all different.

Aren't you exhausted?

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Bobbie! It's love to be on your site. You did such a good job of arranging my post!

Rowena, dear, how nice of you to pop by! Yes, I'm exhausted. I'm nearly drooling with brain fatigue, but I have such a dedicated group of blog "touristas" I'm determined not to bore them with repetition if I can help it.

Thanks again for having me on your radio show. Crazy Tuesday is always fun!