Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The sixth chapter of my online novella is on my website now. When I began this little story, my goal was to provide a free read, to give something back to my readers as a thank you. Turns out, my readers have been faithfully giving to me. So many have been participating in the creation of this story. I didn't have a plot determined from the beginning. I wasn't sure where A DUKE FOR ALL SEASONS was headed. But readers have been giving me advice about plot points each month, so it's been a fun experiment.

So when you have five minutes, pop over and read the latest installment. Be sure to vote for how you think the story should continue. I really love receiving "write-in" votes. Some of the plot suggestions have been very detailed and extend far beyond the next chapter. I have the most creative readers on the planet!

When you cast your vote, you'll be entered in the drawing for a signed copy of A CHRISTMAS BALL. My novella in this anthology, My Lady Below Stairs, is a finalist for the Reader's Crown Award! Plus, I'm throwing in a whole box of books I picked up at RT--a summer's worth of reading. The drawing will be held on July 6th! Please tell your reading friends about this contest. The novella is at the half-way point so there's plenty of time for more fun and the love of reading is a wonderful thing to share with a friend. (And if your friend wins the box of books you know she'll share right back!)

If you're looking for a finished story, I just have to remind you my latest offering should be in bookstores now! RT BookReviews calls STROKE OF GENIUS "Wickedly enjoyable!"

I'm reading Jacqueline Frank's Jacob now. What's on your TBR list this summer?

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