Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Em Recommends

Today is Release Day for some friends of mine. First, let me tell you about my critique partner Ashlyn Chase's new light-hearted paranormal STRANGE NEIGHBORS. I've been treated to this story almost from the get-go and watched it shift through several permutations to its current hysterical state.

In STRANGE NEIGHBORS, a small town girl moves into a Boston brownstone that's been converted to apartments and every one of the residents in this building are not what they seem--starting with the hunky baseball pitcher landlord! If you enjoy shifters and vampires and witches, oh my! you'll love STRANGE NEIGHBORS. Check out Ashlyn's website for more about the story that's been called the paranormal version of "Friends!"

Then there's my friend and fellow Chatelaine Jennifer Ashley's newest release as Allyson James (See. I'm not the only one with more names than she knows what to do with!) Her novella "Mortal Sensations" in WEDDING FAVORS from Berkley Heat is sure to be a sizzling good way to start your summer.

For more see Allyson's website

Next, here's something from my bedside table, Victoria Alexander's DESIRES OF A PERFECT LADY. You may remember I blogged about meeting this exceptionally talented writer at RT a few weeks ago. I took her book with me to Bermuda and LOVED it!

Her fiesty heroine is a recent merry widow. After a hellacious marriage to a vicious controlling man, she's finally free to pursue her own desires. Or is she? The conditions of his will stipulate she's only to receive a miserly stipend unless she completes his "collections" with rare and valuable artifacts he'd been unable to obtain. So she's off to win her total liberation from the man who would enslave her even from the grave. And while she's on her way, she'll be crossing items off her to-do list. Things like: Swim naked in a warm sea and Bed the Earl of Wyldewood--who happens to be the man she should have married in the first place and is bankrollilng her little expedition. The book is great fun and I highly recommend it. Here's the link to Victoria's website, which was recently redesigned!

Last but not least, there's my own STROKE OF GENIUS. Even though its release day was May 25th, technically, it's a June book in publishing parlance. I'm beginning to hear back from readers who've loved this story and my "HOUSE-like" hero. Damaged men have always held a special appeal for women. We long to put them back together again. My brilliant hero Crispin won't admit to being damaged, but anyone with eyes can see his rudeness and knuckle-dragging alpha moments are masks for a deep hurt.

If you've read STROKE OF GENIUS, I'd love to hear what you thought of it. And here's the link to my website. Be sure to pop over there today because Chapter 6 of my free online novella A DUKE FOR ALL SEASONS, will be posted somtime before midnight. (I promise!)

Oh! If you want a signed copy of STROKE OF GENIUS, check out The Book Oasis. They are an independent bookseller who stocks autographed copies of all my books and they'll be happy to ship them to YOU!


Anna Carrasco Bowling said...

I'm devouring Stroke of Genius right now, and Crispin is delicious. Heartbreaking and wonderful all at once. Creative heroes and/or heroines are high up on my most loved list and to get both in one story is like Christmas.

EmilyBryan said...

Oh, Anna! It tickles me to hear you say so.

However, for the rest of you, I don't expect a love fest. Please feel free to be brazenly honest. SOG already has a 3 rating on Amazon from someone who didn't like the name "Crispin." If I tread on some nerves, it's good to know for next time.

Nynke said...

Oh! I'm somewhere in the first 30 pages of Desires of a Perfect Lady, and I'd never seen the expedition plot twist coming! So this was a bit of a spoiler... but it does sound like a really, really good plot :).

Stroke of Genius is still finding its way to me through the aptly named snail mail. I can hardly wait!

EmilyBryan said...

Nynke--For someone who adores travel like I do, the plot of DESIRES OF A PERFECT LADY was... well ... perfect.

Nynke said...

Ooh! Ooh! I just got Stroke of Genius in the mail! Now I'm in a bit of a dilemma (or two): read for my thesis or read romance, and if the latter, shelve Victoria Alexander for a few days or not? :)

EmilyBryan said...

I would never urge you to lay aside an Alexander for my book!

Nynke said...

I know, but I'm afraid I have. I know I'll have something really good waiting for me after I've finished SoG, though! :)

Hot Ash Romance Novels said...

I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here and comment, Emily!

It was a nutty day.

But thanks so much for all your help with Strange Neighbors! Without you, it couldn't have been the awesome book I'm proud to say I wrote.


EmilyBryan said...

The pleasure was all mine, Ashlyn!