Friday, May 29, 2009

Rushing the Season!

I know, I know! We're just now thinking summer with its cook-outs and ballgames and mosquito repellent. But I noticed that my Christmas anthology, A CHRISTMAS BALL is available on Amazon for pre-order. It's not due out till September 29th, so this is way early, so early in fact that Amazon doesn't even have the cover art up yet. But it's there, so I' thought I'd let you know!

In the bookselling world, pre-orders are important. They don't count toward the secret determination of whether or not a book hits a bestseller list, but they do signal reader interest. Bookstores use pre-orders as a guide to placing their stock orders, which in turn increases distribution. And the bigger the distribution, the more likely a book will hit a list.

I also thought I'd let you know if you go to Amazon, you will not see my name listed. Right now, I'm the author known as "et al!"

How do I feel about that? Well, of course, I'd love to see my name up there alongside Jennifer Ashley, but she's the USA Today BestSeller, so that's the main thing. Once they get the cover up, my name is big enough, (Thank you very much, Dorchester!)

So just so no one with accuse me of dissing summer in order to hurry into the holidays, go out there and have a "Merry End of May."


Penny Watson said...

I'm totally feeling the Christmas vibe in May, since I write about the Klaus brothers all year long. I love holiday romance stories! They are the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. I am off to pre-order your book! Thanks for the heads-up.

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Penny! I really appreciate the support.

Klaus brothers, huh? I'm picturing Christmas hotties here. Tell me more.

Penny Watson said...

Really? Well, Santa Claus is alive and well and living in the North Pole, and he has five sons, and yes, they are hotties (and single, of course), and...if you want to know more, check out my author has a book blurb for Sweet Inspiration (the first of the Klaus brothers series) and the cover. And there's a short excerpt on the recipe page (did I mention that Nicholas Klaus is a baker who specializes in Christmas cookies?). My site is

EmilyBryan said...

Let me make that a working link for you.