Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tortured Artist

While I was at the Romantic Times Convention last month, I wandered through their Club RT (the mini-shopping mall they set up each year for vendors of flowing convention wear, small press reps, jewelry sales, etc.). Those of you who know me know I typically dislike shopping, but when I wandered by Fortin & Sanders' booth, I stopped dead and stared for about two minutes.

There was Crispin Hawke, my hero in STROKE OF GENIUS (the lastest WIP), almost exactly as I'd imagined him. Dark and brooding, arrestingly good-looking, reeking with talent, there he was on the canvas in all his tortured glory. I snapped him right up!

Guess there might be something to this shopping thing, after all!


Rachel E. Moniz said...


That is beautiful. What a find!

Elle Parker said...

Wow! That is simply stunning! Is he going to hang on your wall? (What a glorious thing to have in a writer's room)

Elle Parker

Nynke said...

Gorgeous... He needs a perm though, to get the curly hair I think you mentioned for him a few months back ;)

Jane L said...

Ohhhh! The had some stunning pictures! How perfect for you Emily! He is so handsome! Great choice!

Genella deGrey said...

Me too! Me too!
I grabbed that fallen angel to represent my hero in "Remember Me."
That woman knows how to pick her models, huh?
Of course, I've almost ruined the cover of my copy of "Pleasuring the Pirate" from DROOLING all over it - He's a hottie, baby!


EmilyBryan said...

He is amazingly gorgeous (Nynke, we'll just have to imagine some waves in that black mane!). The thing that really grabbed me was the anguish in his face. That's the sort of emotional subtext a writer can use.

Lynn Sanders said...

Yes he does suffer well. He's perfect for Emily's tortured artist. By the way he's actually a fine artist in his own right cheriffortin.com. He did tell the most outrages dirty jokes right after that set of poses though. I remember the first time I photographed him. He was kneeling by a window, a shaft of light illuminated his face. I asked him to show pain in his eyes. (I thought that sounded good.) He lowered his head and went into almost a fetal potion. He slowly raised his head, clentched his fist. He looked right into the camera with the most grief stricken look as a small vein poped out in his temple. OMG click.

EmilyBryan said...

Lynn-Thanks so much for coming by my blog! I have enjoyed your photo so much and he's gracing several pages on my website as well now. www.emilybryan.com . I've tried to remember to give you credit on each page. Would you like a link to your website on my sitemap page?