Saturday, March 7, 2009

Post-Blog Tour Update!

My publisher DORCHESTER is teaming up with Dear Author to offer a special discount on VEXING THE VISCOUNT and several other exciting favorites! Visit Dear Author for all the details!

There have been a few changes in my blog schedule for the next few days. Here's where I'll be in cyber-space:

Sunday March 8th: Unusual Historicals If you're always looking for non-Regency romances, here's a chance to hook up with some terrific options.

Monday March 9-13th: BookTalk with J & J Books, interviews and contests in one convenient place!

Thursday March 12th: LoveIsAnExplodingCigar How Freudian is that!

In real life, I'll be heading for Seattle on Monday to speak at Eastside RWA! This is a literary homecoming for me. Eastside is where I really got my start. This upbeat, craft-oriented group set my feet on the path to publication and I owe them big-time! I'll get to spend time with my e-critique partner and attend my old critique group as well. I love these writers and time spent around their kitchen tables as we read our current WIP and sipped madeira is one of my favorite writing memories.

I'll be taking my laptop, so I'll be sure to stay in touch!

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LuAnn said...

These are two of my favorite spots to stop by each day! It will be nice to see your there!