Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why Am I Blue?

When I was first diagnosed with colon cancer last November, I was a little embarrassed. This is not a trendy cancer. I can't remember ever hearing about colon-cancer walk-a-thons. I was afraid to ask if there was an 'awareness' ribbon (think what color it might be!) Imagine my relief when I found out it was this lovely blue!

But like all cancers, it's a serious problem and one everyone needs to learn more about. Here's why ...

1. Colorectal cancer is the #2 cause of death in the U.S.

2. This year in the United States, colorectal cancer will kill as many people as breast cancer and AIDS combined.

3. Over 150,000 Americans will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year.

4. Colorectal cancer often has no symptom at all until it’s at an advanced stage.

5. Colorectal cancer is 90% preventable when detected early.

6. You can reduce your risk through regular screening.

7. Beginning at age 50 (or earlier if you have a family history), everyone should be screened for colorectal cancer.

Tomorrow is WHY AM I BLUE DAY. Please wear blue to help raise awareness for colon cancer. Today, I'm blogging over at RomanceBuyTheBook with Michelle Buonfiglio about the importance of colon cancer screenings. Michelle lost her father to the disease and her mother, and several brothers have all battled it. But don't go over expecting gloom and doom. Michelle knows how to have fun with any subject so prepare for some irreverent bum jokes!

Bottoms up!

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