Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Day to Vote!

Today is the final day to vote in my STROKE OF GENIUS Name a Character Contest. I've been thrilled by the response and it's been such fun to watch the leading name change, sometimes several times a day. This one's going to be close!

In case you haven't heard about this contest, there's still time (just not much of it!). Every good hero needs a BFF (and trust me, Crispin Hawke, who looks remarkable like the fellow in this delicious Fortin & Sanders pic, is a very BAD hero in the very best way!) But I wanted my readers to help me name this important secondary character for STROKE OF GENIUS.

Back in June, readers sent in their suggestions for the name of Crispin's friend and manservant. Then at the beginning of July, I had a dickens of a time narrowing the field to the top ten names. Here they are in no particular order:

Phineas Rowan
Thaddeus Puck
Caleb Flynn
Gordon Rigsby
Bryce Wickham
Nash Rowley
Tuck Willet
Hoyt Pennington
Addison Quinn
Jasper Willoughby

So which name do you think best fits this quirky, supportive fellow who cuts a wide swath of his own through the ranks of the London ladies' maids? Make your pick and then click HERE to vote!

If you've already voted, you can't vote again, but you can still support your favorite. Please always encourage your family and friends to vote. (They must at least 18 and hopefully someone who'd be interested in reading the finished book!)

Everyone who votes is registered in the drawing for a WHOLE BOX OF BOOKS! It's a great way to stock up on beach reads and you'll know soon if you've won! Please check back here for the results!

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a name and all of you who've voted! I always feel that characters define the course of a book and a character's name is very important. You all have a stake in the story of STROKE OF GENIUS now. I'm working hard to make a good one for you.

If you have a strong opinion about the name you voted for, please leave a comment to share which one and why! Have a great weekend!


Booklover1335 said...

My fav is Nash Rowley, which is the one I voted for, but I also like Phineas Rowan (but only if it is shortened to Phin).

Some of the others just seem too formal for someone with XXX's background and occupation as man servant, even if he is a friend to Crispin.

I can see a Nash or Phin, they both seem like steadfast friend names, but I can also hear these names as sigh's on all of the maids lips :)

And something about the last name. Both start with "Row" so I guess it is something that I like about that as well. I picture someone with reddish hair with a last name beginning with ROW, and I think this is how you described XXX.

Anyway, may the best name win. Can't wait to see who it is!

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks for sharing, Booklover! All your reasons make sense.

Patricia Barraclough said...

I voted for Addison Quinn. I really like the sound of the name. He can be called by either name and it would work well. Red hair goes with a Quinn. The Addison part of his name makes him sound serious and reliable. The Quinn part sounds like he knows how to have a good time and fun.