Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This 'n' That

Today, I'm cleaning out my blog cupboard, if you don't mind. It just wants a bit of tidying up.

First let me congratulate two of our blog winners! Let's hear a round of applause for HouseMouse and Bobbie of BookReviews by Bobbie! You two have just won a signed copy of Melissa MacNeal's TEMPTED BY A COWBOY! Thanks for leaving a comment, ladies.

Next, my friend Rachel Moniz gave me this delightful blog award to thank me for my "fun topics." Thanks, Rachel. I do what I can, but this little blog of mine wouldn't be very lively without the comments of my 'touristas' (you know who you are!) and friends. So this award is really for all of you.

Part of the fun of receiving blog awards is getting to pass them on. I'd like to send A Lovely Blog Award to Sandra Marshall , who also happens to be one of my WisRWA chapter mates. (No, I've never lived in Wisconsin, but I've got a sort of I-90 theme going with my RWA memberships--New England Chapter, WisRWA and Eastside in Seattle--all connected by a long northerly interstate highway!) Also, I'd like to recognize Ruth Hunter's THE SAGE JOURNAL with a Lovely Blog Award. Ruth is a member of Ozark Romance Authors (not an RWA chapter, but still a terrific group of writers I met when I lived in the Ozarks.)

The final days for voting in my STROKE OF GENIUS Name a Character Contest are upon us. If you haven't weighed in with your favorite, now is the time. Not only will you be helping me choose the name for an important character in my current WIP, you'll be entered in a drawing for a whole box of books! The drawing will be held on August 1st.

And lastly, I thought I'd share what I'm reading right now. (Yes, yes, I'm still writing furiously on STROKE OF GENIUS by day, but even authors need time off for good--or in my case, bad--behavior.) And I'm pleased to announce that I hold in my trembling hands a new favorite, GODDESS OF THE HUNT by Tessa Dare. Tessa and I connected in DC recently and she'll be visiting us here on my blog on August 17th. You won't want to miss her. She's a doll.

Ok, now it's your turn to share what you're reading. What's on your bedside table?


Christie Craig said...

Hi Emily,

I just finished, Romeo, Romeo, by Robin Kaye. Great read! And last night I picked up THERE'S ONLY BEEN YOU, by Donna Marie Rogers, and I'm already enjoying it.

Ahh, too little time, and so much to read.


EmilyBryan said...

Ain't it the truth, Christie!

I just finished Eloisa James' DUCHESS BY NIGHT (not a fan of "heroine disguised as a man" premise, but if Eloisa tells the tale, I can't put it down!) and now I'm thoroughly engaged in Tessa Dare's GODDESS OF THE HUNT. There are so many terrific authors out there.

Jane L said...

Good Morning Emily! Thank you so much joining me in the fun on the Revenge Friday! You are a very gracious blogger! Thanks again!

I am reading something so off the wall for me, well it is a OLD historical which I do love, by Heather Graham, "Devil's Mistress." She wrote this in 1986! But I remember how fond I was of her historicals!

I just finished Sabrina Jefferies "Wed Him Before You Bed Him" Cute story but she is another favorite of mine!

But I finally am back in the writing mode so, THATS what I am focusing on this week!
Have a great day!

Barb H said...

Hi Emily,

Any summer that sees Mary Balogh, Jo Beverly and Mary Jo Putney bringing out books is a super summer, indeed. Having devoured those immediately, I picked up two new ones yesterday--Shana Abe's latest in her Dracon series and Sharon Kay Penman's trade paperback of her historical (non-romance), THE DEVIL'S BROOD.

So many good authors have something out, it's hard to choose.

Meanwhile, I've got to drag my muse back from vacation and get hoppin' again.

Happy writing.

May said...

Hi Emily,

I am going to begin reading Eloisa James' Duke of her own, the last one in Desperate Duchesses series. It is a good thing to be a bookseller because you got books early.

BTW, I love Duchess by night. I do not really like the heroine in disguised either but I think this one is very good.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Hi Emily! I'm reading the Superromance He Calls Her Doc by Mary Brady (our own Mary Biebel), and since Gotcha! & Weddings Can Be Murder by Christie Craig arrived yesterday, I'll be diving into one of those next. *G*

Christie, I'm so glad you're enjoying There's Only Been You. After all the hours of enjoyment you've given me with your sexy cops, I'm thrilled to be able to return the favor. :-)

I'll have to pick up Romeo, Romeo. I remember a few years ago when I was finaling in the contests, Romeo, Romeo was always right there with me. :-)

Nynke said...

Emily, I'm so looking forward to finally knowing the cheeky manservant's name!

On my bedside table is, for once, not a romance novel (can't afford them at the moment), but a great book I borrowed: Popco by Scarlett Thomas, about a really quirky young woman who works for a toy company and designs games for kids who want to be spies and codebreakers and the like. And she's constantly snooping around and trying to be inconspicuous herself, too... It's great because it heavily reminds me of my own childhood and it's written in a really fun style. And there's bound to be a lot of suspense and wondrous things later on...

e-hugs and happy writing!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Emily....I just got my copy of Scoundrel In Disguise by Annette Blair...evidently there are 2 dachshunds in this book and I just couldn't resist...can't wait to read it!

EmilyBryan said...

Jane L--I had a great time over at Romance Writers Revenge! Thanks for having me. I think I have that Jeffries book in my TBR pile too.

Barb H--You are playing my song! All those you mentioned are favorites of mine, with the exception of Ms. Penman. I haven't read her work, but if you recommend her, I ought to give her a go.

May--I knew there were perks to being a bookseller!

Donna--HE CALLS HER DOC doesn't even sound like a Harlequin title, does it?

Me too, Nynke. The response for this contest has been terrific. A couple names are running neck and neck and are frequently in a tie. If that's where we end up, I'm going to have to create another character for one of them.

EmilyBryan said...

Penelope--Pets can really make a story sometimes. As long as they don't die. I hate it when the dog dies!

Patricia Barraclough said...

Am listening to Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth (unabridged on 36 CDs) - excellent. Keep wanting to drive around or sit in my car to hear more. Just finished Good Ghoul's Guide to Getting Even (YA) by Julie Kenner. Can't wait for her next demon hunter book. Started Courting Trouble by Deeanne Gist at work (christian fiction). I have about 60 pages left of Jane Feather's To Kiss A Spy. I have Black Eagle by Gen Bailey/Karen Kay ready to start when we head on vacation on Saturday. I also have A Little Light Magic by Joy Nash to take with me. I stuck about 3 other books in the bag, but can't remember what they are. I'll probably find more to get on the trip.

EmilyBryan said...

Patricia--I recently finished Deeanne Gist's THE MEASURE OF A LADY and enjoyed it muchly. You will love Joy Nash's A LITTLE LIGHT MAGIC. It's a delightful froth!