Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who's Going to RWA Nationals?

I am, I am! (Hopping up and down and waving my hand over my head!) I leave for DC next Wednesday morning (by way of connecting in Cincinnati--don't ask! I gave up trying to figure airlines out a long time ago.) I'm looking forward to a number of great things.

First there's a booksellers & librarians mixer on Wednesday afternoon (provided I can slog from the airport to the hotel in time.) It's always fun to meet the people who I hope will put my books in the hands of a new reader. Then there's the Literacy Bookfair at 5:30. Thanks to the generosity of our publishers who DONATE the books so RWA gets all the profit for their charity, RWA is able to support literacy projects aimed at women all over the globe. I'll be there along with several hundred of my writer friends, signing and having fun!

At this RWA, I'll meet my new agent for the first time! (Sadly, my previous agent had to close her doors due to health issues.) But I recently signed with the fabulous Natasha Kern! We've had several very productive phone calls and she's already given me many things to think about. I'm looking forward to meeting her and her assistant, Becky in person.

On Friday, I'm giving my first ever RWA Nationals workshop: Neurotica: How Adding Humor Can Jumpstart Your Career like Crazy! (It'll be Friday the 17th, 2-3PM in the Maryland C room in case you're interested!) I've done workshops for RT, PNWA (Pacific Northwest Writers Association), New England Chapter RWA, Iowa Romance Novelists, Eastside RWA in Seattle, and Ozarks Romance Authors. But this is my first time at RWA, so I'm a little nervous about how it will go.

And last, but by no means least, I'm hoping to meet YOU! Please let me know if you'll be going to RWA in DC. I'd love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you.


Shannon McKelden said...

I wish I was going! I'm so jealous, but I just couldn't swing it this year. Hopefully next year, though!

Have a great time!

Cheeky Girl said...

You'll do fantastic! I was in one of your workshops at RT and it was great.

I wish could make RWA, but not this year. Have fun and make sure to bring back some fun stories!

Bonnie Vanak said...

OMG, you signed with Natasha? Yay! Smart move! You'll love her, she's great. Welcome to the fold!

I'll be there, hanging out and touring around Tues and Wed., then at the Literacy Signing (where I'll be giving out postcards and magnets of my sexy new Nocturne BITE cover, Darkness of the Wolf), and then business and friends after that.

Your workshop sounds awesome! I did want to make time for workshops, b/c there's so many good ones, and the PAN retreat is always good, but looks like Sat. is my only day for those.

Safe travels!

Judith said...

I wish I could be there RT was so fantastic, i'm eager for more. I don't know if you remember Laura, who was one of Bobbi Smith's finalists, but she and I have become good critique buddies via email, and she's coming to visit me in a week, so we'll do a mini romance conference with the two of us.

Don't be nervous about your seminar -- you're awesome. You and Christie Craig gave, hands down, the best classes at RT in my opinion. I took away a ton of valuable information from what you said. And your handouts are keepers.

Good luck to you and have fun. DC is a great city.


EmilyBryan said...

Shannon--I keep hoping someday I'll be able to make it back to the Emerald City conference. It was my very first one and I was star struck by meeting Cherry Adair and Jane Porter!

Cheeky--Thanks! I'll try to post some stories while I'm down there.

Bonnie--Now that we're both with the same agent, does that make us sisters or cousins? I'll take either because you are so fantastic!

Vicarious--I remember you and Laura! E-critiques are great. I still work with my buddy from Seattle sometimes.

Thanks for the boost. I appreciate the kind words!

Colleen Thompson said...

I'll be there as well. I'll look for you and Bonnie!

Patricia Barraclough said...

I so wish I could make the conference. Didn't realize there was a librarian/bookseller meeting. Good idea. Unfortunately, summer is a busy time for librarians. In the small libraries, we wear many hats. I'm the children's librarian and the one who does the romances.
Enjoy yourself. One of these days I hope to see you at one of these affairs.

EmilyBryan said...

Colleen--You'd better be there since I'm planning on standing on my chair and cheering when you WIN THE RITA for your romantic suspense TRIPLE EXPOSURE!

Patricia--Thank you for being a busy librarian. You keep kids out of trouble through the summer and introduce them to a much wider world.