Sunday, July 12, 2009

Time to Pack

I'm starting to pack for my trip to DC for RWA Nationals. I've heard it said that men dress to impress women. And women dress to impress other women. It might be true. And if it is, I'm in such trouble.

I write full time, so my work uniform is usually raggy sweats and my faded black one-size-fits-all T-shirt dress. I only put on shoes when it's time to take the dogs out! Clothing has never been a big priority for me (anyone who's seen my wardrobe agrees with that assessment!) But for the 5 days in DC, I have to look like it is. I so need the gang from WHAT NOT TO WEAR to swoop in and remake me.

Since that's not going to happen, it's time for me to suck it up and take a hard look at my closet. I bought a couple new outfits for RT last April, but the dress code for RWA is much more business-like. So, much as I hate to admit it, I'll have to go shopping.

Those of you who follow my blog know I believe there is a level in hell where people are forced to wander a mall looking for something no one is selling. Shopping falls somewhere near having a root canal in my list of least fun things to do. That's because I've had so many shopping disasters in the past. Though last time I shopped, I stumbled into to a store where everything fit and they were having a gimungus sale. It was a totally zen-like experience.

And one I fear I won't be able to recreate. So cross your fingers for me on Monday. I'm headed for the mall.


Alaine said...

Oh Emily, I know exactly how you feel, I hate shopping of any description. I even do my grocery shopping online now and it gets delivered to my kitchen bench. I have even been known to turn down invitations because I'd rather not go shopping to buy something to wear LOL. Good luck and may the dress fairies help you find the perfect dress in no time at all!

Patricia Barraclough said...

I hate to shop for clothes. They are so expensive, I hate to spend the money on a really nice outfit. I either have delusions of loosing weight or know I'll gain weight and it won't fit. As a result I buy stuff on sale I'm not crazy about because it is cheaper. Lately I've been going to thrift stores. I've actually found some nice things, but they are never the right size. Once I went to a thrift store and they had several Pendleton (sp) wool suits, beautiful name label dresses, and other lovely things. A lovely wardrobe for pennies on the dollar if only you were a size 4. I'm sure you'll look great. Relax and enjoy yourself. That is what is important.

Unknown said...

Clothes shopping is bad enough, but for "real" and "professional" clothes, and with limited time ... oy vay, girl! My best advice: focus on your face, and have pretty colors to bring everyone else's eyes there, too. One of the worst things we women do when we shop is focus on the parts of our body that we DISlike the most ... but most people are not staring critically, trying to find those figure flaws, so don't worry about them (and for those who do that, flip 'em a finger!) You know what colors look good on you, and what feels comfortable (remember to sit down in slacks when you try them on; not great to have to hike up your pants every time you get up!), and you will do GREAT -- you always look very put together, don't let it worry you!! :-) Sending angel help. . .

EmilyBryan said...

Alaine--I'd have my groceries delivered but it's almost the only time we get the car out (we go by T, the Boston subway, everywhere we can) and I'd hate for the tires to go flat!

Patricia--I've always suspected that shopping is more fun for size 4s.

Marcy--Great advice. I really need to get over this adolescent idea that everyone's looking at me all the time. It's never true and it's always self-destructive.

Penny Watson said...

Emily...I feel for you! I would rather be tortured at gunpoint than go to the mall. Oy! Have you tried Eileen Fisher? Her clothes are super-comfy, modern and look great. (And come in all sizes, not just size 4). Good luck! Have a great time in DC!

Colleen Thompson said...

Yuck. I despise shopping. Went yesterday in search of white sandals. (I knew it was time when the sole of mine split in half.) Came out with black ones. Will probably pack emergency Birkenstocks just in case. Because by Saturday, I won't care how I'll look. I'll be too tired. :)

See you there!

Heather D said...

I hate all shopping! Ok I take that back, I love book shopping, but the rest of it is for the dogs. Luckily my husband enjoys grocery shopping or we would have nothing to eat. My daughter is of an age where I can find a comfortable place to sit and read while she shops and I pay when she is done. My son on the other hand, I actually have to work at it. He is in between sizes and it reminds me of trying to shop for myself. Thankfully he is a good sport about it. Shirts for him are really easy... just grab and go. Me on the other hand my husband has to piratically beg and bribe me to shop for clothes. He has to keep the kids at home or I wont even attempt, and my sister must be invited. She will not lie to me and tell me something looks good when it doesnt. If these things don't work, I wait until I am out of town, or should say Savannah. I will grab my best friend in the whole wide world and make her go with me. It takes around 4 hours for me to buy about 3 outfits. So yeah I feel your pain!!
Good luck with the shopping and have fun in DC

Jane L said...


I am laughing so hard at you! I a so the opposite, I love to shop, I love going to the mall, looking at all the different colors, styles, ect, wondering does anyone really wear all this stuff! LOL! But I have to be in the "mood" to really shop for clothes, or it is a waste of time! Shoes,purses, fun stuff on the other hand WHEW! anytime! Hope you found something fun and cute today! I soooo wish I was going to DC!! Have a wonderful time :(

EmilyBryan said...

Home again! After two stores, 4 hours wasted, countless outfits tried on and multiple eye rolls from the clerks, I emerged with a single serviceable outfit and a pair of palazzo pants that will go with my fancy top for the Awards ceremony. I could probably use one more outfit, but I can't bear to give up the time.

Penny--I don't think there's an Eileen Fisher near me, but thanks for the suggestion.

Colleen--I packed my comfy 'coming home' outfit for Sunday. Might have to break it out early.

Heather--I actually met several other anti-shoppers in the stores today. We're everywhere ... grumbling as we go.

Jane--I wish you were going too. Maureen and I will just have to get together and have fun behind your back!

My mom's a serious shopper (I think she took the Gold in the 1990 Shopping Olympics.) She doesn't understand why the shopping gene skipped me. The thing is, I do like to buy things--books, art, cruise tickets, symphony subscriptions--but not things I'm likely to wear out or worse--outgrow!

So I'm pretty much settled on my RWA wardrobe. Now if I could only do something with my hair . . .

Penny Watson said...

Good job, Emily! Palazzo pants are the best! Now you should treat yourself to a frappacino for surviving the mall.

Rachel E. Moniz said...


This is the first day I had a little pay time to cruise my fave blogs. I TOTALLY understand your shopping dislike!! I have it too!I am an internet shopper, once I find a site that has clothes I love in sizes that are consistent, that is the only way I will ever get clothes!
Hope you have a wonderful time at RWA!

EmilyBryan said...

Penny--I will be in the Starbucks at the hotel in DC at 8AM on Thursday for some coffee. I think a bunch of Lollies (Ladies of Leisure--my fellow Dorchester authors) are planning to meet around the caffeine delivery system.

Rachel--Yikes! I could never buy clothes online. Things that look great on the model or the hanger look very different on me. MUST try before I buy.

Carol L. said...

Hi Emily,
God, I hate shopping now with a passion. I didn't alwas. :) When I was a size 3 I loved it. lol Everything looked great in those little sizes. lol
Now, forget about it. I don't bother unless it's an emergency, like I've run out of clothes. lol
I hope you did well. You survived the Mall and that in itself deserves a reward. Having 7 grown children, shopping for school clothes was my own little bit of Hell. lol lol Now I laugh as they are going through it.
Hope I can make it, would love to meet all my favorite Authors. :)
Carol L.

Nynke said...

I'm running behind schedule in reading your blog, Emily, so i know this is a little late, but I just wanted to say, size 4 is *tiny*! I had to look it up - our sizes in Holland are very different - but size 4 is definitely not a size average healthy woman aobove the age of 17 wear, where I'm from. we're a tall people ;)
Oh, and palazzo pants rock. I hope you're having a ball in them!

EmilyBryan said...

4 is tiny here too. In fact, the average American woman is a 14-16, but all the women you see on TV are very slender.