Sunday, July 5, 2009

STROKE OF GENIUS Name a Character Finalists!

In case you aren't aware of my STROKE OF GENIUS Name a Character Contest, let me explain how it works. Readers are helping me choose a name for a character in my current WIP whom I've designated as XXX for now. (He's my hero's best friend and manservant and he looks suspiciously like the Brits' Prince Harry!)

For the past month my readers have sent in their entries. And now I've finally decided on the 10 names that will advance to the next round. Whew! (If you check out my Contest Entries page, you'll see what a tough job that was!)

Now I need YOUR help! Please pop over to my website and vote for YOUR favorite name. If you do, you'll be entered in a separate drawing for a WHOLE BOX OF BOOKS that I bagged at RT last April. One vote per person please and you must be at least 18 to vote.

If you'd like to leave a note here explaining why you think your choice is the best one, that'd be grand.


ibeeeg said...

Oh My! That was a list and I can see why it was hard time choosing. Goodness, I had a hard time picking which name I liked best out of the top 10.

I went with Phineas Rowan because I am thinking that Rowan is a good last name to use alot. Phineas could be shorten to Phin (fin) if you so choose and Phineas sounds well on its own. I was also thinking that a few of the other names on the top 10 list are very strong and lend itself more for a lead role name (IMHO). Yep, Phineas Rowan overall sounds like a great secondary character name...strong but not too strong to overpower the main character's name and strength.
Cool contest!!

EmilyBryan said...

Very perceptive. I want the name to be a fun one and a lot of the entries would also have worked as a hero's name. However, XXX will be the hero of his own little subplot along with a rocky romance of his own with a saucy French lady's maid.

ibeeeg said...

I see Phineas Rowan as a fun name. It is also a strong name to,as you said, {{be the hero of his own little subplot along with a rocky romance of his own with a saucy French lady's maid.}}
The more I think of this name the more I like it. The more I think it would fit well (of coarse that thought is without me knowing the whole story) ((wink)).
Goodness...I can not wait to see which name wins. Hoping for Phineas Rowan. Fun name and strong name...great name to be paired up with the hero.
Ok...enough of me campaigning especially since I did not come up with the name. ((smile)) hehe.

Barbara Monajem said...

I voted for Caleb Flynn, but it wasn't easy to choose between that and Thaddeus Puck. If a last name is going to be used constantly in conversation, I like it to be a short one, but imagining Crispin calling his servant "Puck" all the time was a little too much for me, so I chose Flynn... On the other hand, Puck could be quite funny, as well as reason for being teased and for Crispin to defend him.

I dunno. I guess it really depends on the mood of the book. I've already voted. Is it too late to change my mind? LOL.

EmilyBryan said...

Sorry Barb. One person=one vote. But you can always tell your friends and see if they'll vote for a different name. The name that receives the most votes will win.

At this point, I have no say in the matter. I'm counting on my readers to choose well. I'm sure you all will!

Sandy said...


I chose Addison Quinn because I thought Addy would make a good nickname for a best friend. Smile. I liked all of them really.

Kathye Thornton said...

Hi Emily,

I chose Caleb Flynn. Frankly, Caleb was the only first name on the final list that I liked. There were several last names that appealed to me – Flynn, Quinn, and Rowan. I like the shorter names that can be interchanged for the first name – I can see (hear) him addressed as Flynn. It sounds strong and precise – a man’s man.

Fun contest.

EmilyBryan said...

Sandy--I like them all too! What I'm really interested to see is which one my readers like best.

Kathy--XXX will be called by his last name probably more than his first. It was common at the time not to use first names except among intimates.

Teddyree said...

Hi Emily,
I chose Addison Quinn. I think as this character is mainly going to be called by his last name, Quinn is a great name to use. It's also a surname that was reasonably popular in that era. Addison is of old English origin stemming from, son of Adam so overall I think this name fits with your secondary character and the time period your story is based in. Well that's my 2 cents worth anyway LOL
This was fun btw!

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks for sharing, Teddy. I'm getting LOTS of votes, but I appreciate every single one! Hope you'll mention my contest on your blogs.

Teddyree said...

Absolutely! I tooted your awesome contest on my blog.

EmilyBryan said...

Actually, it's my awesome readers who deserve the "tooting!" They came up with such amazing names!

Patricia Barraclough said...

I chose Addison Quinn. I like the sound of it. Quinn is a good single name to call a friend/manservant. It is strong, but still lends itself to a fun time. Sorry my name didn't make it, but there were a lot of good ones. It had to be hard for you to narrow it down to only 10. It was a fun idea.
Hope you had a goo 4th of July.

EmilyBryan said...

Pat--My biggest worry in doing this type of contest is hurting the feelings of those who submitted names that didn't make the cut. It's not that the other names weren't good. Many of them would be great in another story. Like so many things in publishing, it's purely subjective.

I had help from my mom (who put my first romance novel in my hot little hands) my DH, and my critique partner in choosing the finalists. It was tough and I'm not sure but what I shouldn't have made a few different choices. (I will admit that I've received "write in" votes for names that didn't make the finals and I'm keeping track of those too. This really is in my readers' hands.)

Carol L. said...

Hi Emily,
I'm thrilled to be one of the finalists. But I think you had the harder job of narrowing those names down to 10. There are a lot of great names in there. Knowing that the last name will be used I figured Penn or Penny would do when the hero talks to him. :)I don't know now, I see names like Caleb and Addison and love them. Good luck to all the finalists. Whoever wins the story will be a great one. And this we know because you wrote it. :)
Carol L.

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Carol. The voting has been fast and furious and every name is still within striking distance. I'm excited to see which one comes out on top. I'm sure there are things I can incorporate into the story that will be unique for each of them.