Saturday, July 25, 2009

La Nora and Moi

Yep! You're looking at a serious fangirl moment.

I met lots of my favorites at RWA Nationals (Madeline Hunter, Sherry Thomas, Elizabeth Hoyt, Jo Beverley, Tessa Dare, etc), but getting a pic with Nora Roberts was the highlight of the week. (Thanks to my friend and NECRWA chapter mate, Marie Force! Her daughter insisted that she get a pic with Nora and she was kind enough to snap one for me as well.)

Nora is really an amazing talent and has a work ethic the rest of us would do well to emulate. She so deserves the success she enjoys.

Who inspires you?


Julie Robinson said...

Hi Emily,

I would say that bubbly, enthusiastic people like yourself inspire me. Christie Craig, whom I've had the good fortune to meet at a workshop, is also very motivating, as is Hailey North (Nancy Wagner).

former blog tourista :-)

Nynke said...

Aren't fangirl moments nice :). And your top looks really good - was it new? You've were talking about your clothes so much before leaving, I got curious :).
Lots of people inspire me - but you're one of them: you have a work ethic I would do well to emulate. right, must get back to editing my article!
Have a nice weekend!

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Julie! Always happy to welcome back a "tourista!" Christie is one of my favorite writer buds. She's just as funny in real life as she is in her books!

Nynke, that jacket is about 6 months old which in my wardrobe is still new. I have almost no sense of style, so that's why I obsess about what to wear at conference. It's usually no problem since I work in my jammies half the time.

Julie Robinson said...

I am not surprised.

Patricia Barraclough said...

There are a lot of you hard working authors that inspire me. I want to write when I read your work. But I'm a realist and will keep my day job.

A little more seriously, I am inspired by Mother Teresa. Her commitment to serving anyone who needed help no matter who they were. We would all do well to show a little more consideration to our fellow "man."

Not to trivialize Mother Teresa, but all those authors who make time for their fans deserve our appreciation. Keeping the smile on your face until it hurts, answering the same questions over and over, putting up with the occasional rude fan, and being gracious enough to to sign books and have pictures taken. Yes, it is part of the PR to sell your books, but it still takes something special to do it well. It is noticed and appreciated.

EmilyBryan said...

Patricia--Like you, I'm always inspired by people who are "walking the hero's path," someone who displays self-sacrifice like Mother Theresa.

I used to teach music at a Catholic school (even though I am not Catholic). The nuns were fascinating women. They totally surrendered their life expectations in the service of others. You can't help but honor that choice.